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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Specialist modules that can be fitted to this ship are:

Additionally this ship can launch fighters

In-World Specifications[edit]

Sourced from the Templar One 'eveinfo' competition website<ref>CCP_WYVERN_FINAL:http://media.us.macmillan.com/video/TOR/CCP_WYVERN_FINAL.mov retrieved on 05/01/2012</ref>

Ship's Complement

  • 390 Officers and Crew (Capsuleer)
  • 1153 Officers and Crew (Standard)

Flight Operations Complement

  • 580 Officers and Crew


  • Lai Dai Particle System Labs VT-300 Jump Drives
  • Kaalakiota Juggernaut LXH Vectored Plasma Engine
  • Kaalakiota Akido-Scarzi TN800 Vectored Plasma Engines

Drone Bay

  • Integrated Hydra FCLR System (3 Flight Decks)
  • ZN/SST-88E Flight Control Radar
  • ZN/FLS-65B Landing Designation Radar
  • ZN/TAG-32A Target Acquisition Radar
  • ZN/GSS-11 Guidance System Radar


  • Wiyrkomi Eagle Eye TS-9 Gravimetric Fire Control
  • 2x Sukuuvestaa Cylence ECCM Broadcast System


  • 2x Ishukone Defender Systems Phased Array Shield Emitters
  • Wiyrkomi Parsec Capital Series ERT-9 Energy Transfer Array

Additional Images[edit]

Below are additional ships images. Click the image below for a larger version:

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