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x13 is a danish alliance created by the pirate corp x13, mostly known for the first ever (pre Heavy Interdictor) Mothership kill in lowsec, at a time where this was deemed an impossible task.

The x13 alliance was part of the GBC during BoB's MAX campaign and the beginning of the second Delve invasion. At that time it consisted of the corps x13, Tenacius Danes and Jotunheim Hird. In early 2009 the alliance left the GBC to go back to it's roots as a pirate corp. In the process they reset all standings and is currently enforcing an attack policy they call NUSI (Not Us Shoot It). As a result of this "back to basics" move Tenacious Danes was merged with x13 corp and Jotunheim Hird left to seek challenges elsewhere.

The alliance only recruits danish speaking pilots. For more infomation please visit www.x13corp.dk

We are currently recruiting... See below for details (in danish)



x13 Alliance is participating in BOB's MAX campaign.

Early 2009

x13 Alliance leaves GBC and moves to Irshah (low sec).

T.DK merges with x13 Corporation.

Jotunheim Hird leaves x13 Alliance.

April 2009

x13 corporation leaves the x13 Alliance.

x13 corporation joins KrautBreak Alliance.