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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Xetic Federation
Ticker [XETIC]
Type 0.0
Founded March 2003
Status Dead as of 2006
Contact details
Alliance CEO
Public Channel
Website [ ]

Xetic Federation [Xetic] is a now dead alliance that during the dawn era of EVE held the record of most players under one banner - somewhere in the region of 5,700 players/characters.

Xetic Federation (previously known as the Xetic and Immensea Federation [XIF]) was an industrial alliance located in the Galactic mid-South. For years it controlled Tenerifis, Impass, Feythabolis, Omist and Immensea (the latter often as a warzone). The large and solitary territory may have been said to have been devalued by the absence of any NPC-infrastructure and very long travel routes; as XETIC existed in large measure before POSes and entirely before Outposts, they had little they could rely on but their NPC stations. XF once controlled vast swaths of rich Angel Cartel territory.


Traditional Regions Controlled: Immensea, Tenerifis, Impass, Feythabolis, Omist
Current Regions Controlled: None.
Form of Government: Corporated Democracy
Traditional Allies: Stain Empire
Traditional Enemies: Curse Alliance, Imperium, Force of Evil
Piracy: anti-pirate
Corporations of Note: Celestial Horizon Corp, Confederation of The Red Moon, The Corporation, Dirty Deeds Corp, Four Horsemen, Hegemonic Core, Infinite Improbability Inc, STK-Scientific, The X-Trading Company


Origin of Xetic Federation

Xetic was created in the beta testing stages of EVE as a trading alliance. Three member corporations were part of its creation, these were X-Traders [XT], Colossus Technologies [CT] and Eclipse Tek Inc. [ETI]. The alliance name derived from the initials of these corporations.

With the close of the beta test of EVE, ETI became inactive, with some members joining Colossus Technologies at the launch of EVE. Hegemonic Core [HC] was a close friend of the remaining two members and were quickly brought on board as a replacement.

As alliances were formed, and began to claim space, XETIC decided to bring in another corporation within the XETIC fold, eXceed Inc., and others under the banner of the Immensea Federation [IF].

During spring of 2004, Infinite Improbability Inc became the first and last to be brought up from Immensea Federation into full Xetic membership as a sign of appreciation for their dedication and comraderie. Shortly after 3-I's elevation, Xetic and Immensea Federation reformed into Xetic Federation to further Xetic Federation's goal of becoming the second working democracy since the inception of the Gallente Federation.


Overview: The Xetic military was build up as a citizen's militia, where each corporation were responsible for providing adequate defense soldiers to thwart intruders into Xetic territory. In practize, however, few were interested in performing services and defense for the alliance when they could be furthering their own economy. In particular, seeing as how the Immensea region was the most attacked region, each other regional fleet was responsible for reinforcing that region. As a consequence of unwillingness to perform for the alliance as well as an attitude that "I cannot afford a loss", the inhabitants in Immensea were by large left to fend for themselves, receiving reinforcements mostly from Omist and Impass regions (see Regional Structure for more information).

Structure: The citizen's militia was formed up around several acknowledged commanders, such as Olyyy, EElak, and Conram. These commanders were responsible for raising fleets to respond to external threats as well as confirming bounties for hostile ships destroyed on Xetic Federation territory.

Notable wars and engagements:
Arcane Technologies
Shortly after the skirmish warfare with m0o Corp and Evolution, Arcane Technologies split from Curse Alliance and went after Xetic and Immensea Federation by invading E8-YS9, the refining system, and ended up facing the Xetic defense fleet in the cross-roads system of 9-XN3F where a more than two hour long battle took place, ending in a mutually agreed draw. Notable to this battle was that the Arcane Technologies fleet had nearly ran out of ammunition and that the Xetic fleet was refueling via industrials from 2O-EEW.

Stain Alliance[edit]

Shortly after the skirmish with Arcane Technologies, Stain Alliance waged war upon Xetic and Immensea Federation for now lost reasons, presumably a conflict over deaths in HED-GP. Stain Alliance were surprised that Xetic put up a good and smack free fight regardless of losses suffered. The war lasted for little more than a week, when Stain Alliance leadership negotiated a cease fire and non-aggression pact.

Curse Alliance
The war on Curse Alliance was a long one for Xetic Federation, yet still Xetic join at the later part of it as Stain Alliance (later to become Stain Empire as alliances became supported) had fought Curse Alliance since the end of 2003. During the war on Curse Alliance, there were only two mayor invasion attempts commited by Curse Alliance, and one lesser attempt commited by the russian community of Curse Alliance. All of these invasion attempts were directed at Immensea, although one of the invasions spilt over to Omist as well.
Curse Alliance' problem was that it was near impossible to root out Xetic forces, and that the station hit point levels more than adequatly offered ping-pong warfare options. Curse Alliance would own most stations during the night, Xetic would reclaim them during downtime and own them until the evening.
By no means did Xetic take the brunt force of Curse Alliance' war on the coalition against them. Most often CA would focus on fleet combat and skrimish warfare between DSS-ES in region and HLW-HP in region, the same could be said for Xetic's northern forces as well as Stain's forces.
Throughout the war on Curse Alliance, and since Xetic joined the war, Stain and Xetic forces were afforded opportunities to engage Curse Alliance on their territory. Notably it was mostly Omist, Immensea, and Tenerifis regionals who entered Curse space, and only ever The Corporation who did it constantly, yet it was enough to rattle the cage a bit in Curse Alliance. Reports came in that the deep-space industrialists of Curse Alliance became increasingly annoyed at the military's defensive focus on HLW-HP and the Curse region, as well as disgruntlement regarding pilfered minerals from CA's alliance funds. These minerals, massive amounts of Zydrine and Megacyte, were indeed seen in certain CA hangars when Xetic forces took control over the station.

Exodus warfare During the Curse Alliance war, CCP implemented a patch which allowed alliances to be formed and declared empire war upon and between. At the moment of this patch, some CA corporations were in the process of reforming into Supremacy, allegedly a corporation made up of the best Curse had to offer. Supremacy were not slow in taking the opportunity in declaring Xetic war for the paltry sum of 1 million ISK per week. Xetic's response - war declaration on Curse Alliance. This was the first war between two alliances in empire space. During this part of the war, Xetic Federation did very well, considering that for once nearly all corporations contributed forces.

The Five[edit]

After the collapse of Curse Alliance, several new organizations were formed. One of them was The Five [.5.], previously known as the Breakfast Burrito Alliance. This alliance declared war on XETIC and led in part to its downfall. The Five and several allies eventually conquered the northern half of XF space, leading in part to its collapse. In the war with The Five both Celestial Horizon Corp. [CLS] and Dirty Deeds Corp. [DDC] left the alliance and formed Ascendant Frontier [ASCN]. After the founding of that alliance some other corporations left Xetic and joined them, while others went elsewhere, and others stayed in Xetic.


Archived Official History of Xetic
FoE declares war on XF
XF elects president
SE / Allied Forces declare victory over CA
XF war declaration against CA