Year YC112

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


YC 112[edit]


Caldari State: Trapped Miners[edit]

Hundreds of miners were trapped within an asteroid as excavation caused tunnels to collapse and the structure to weaken. Miners spent their new year celebrating the mere fact they were alive but would have to wait until the 5th of January to be freed by a joint operation by the Amarr and Caldari short hours before their supply of oxygen would become toxic. Though the operation was a success it was wrought with scandal as knowledge that several of the Amarr workers had in fact been slaves, despite state laws prohibiting the use of slaves within Caldari space.

Local Annaro police force commander, Garr Diymir, was charged and suspended from active service pending trial. Commander Diymir is facing several charges brought against the state for approving use of the Amarr slaves contrary to Caldari law, despite the favourable outcome.

Gallente Federation: New President[edit]

At 16:08 on January 18 the new president of the Gallente Federation swore his oath and entered into office. President Jacus Roden was met with an uproar of support before commencing his speech, promising his people he would make good effort to return the Gallente Federation back onto the path of greatness that it is destined to reach.


Faction Warfare: Victory in Intaki[edit]

On the 24th of February, 13:37 EST, the Intaki star system was retaken from State Protectorate control by combined Federal Defence Union forces, lead by FDU participants Eleutherian Guard, the Azure Horizon Federate Militia, Mixed Metaphor, and Moira. corporation. This marked the end of roughly a year of Caldari occupation of the star system.

Additionally, the entirety of the Viriette constellation was retaken. This marked the end of both Ishukone and Hyasyoda control of the constellation's systems.

Thus far, four megacorporations have lost their stakes won during the Blind Auction: CBD Corporation, Nugoeihuvi Corporation, Ishukone Corporation, and Hyasyoda Corporation. In total, roughly 26 systems have been liberated by FDU forces since the start of a concerted campaign in the fall of last year. The Federation has regained more than half of those systems officially of Federal sovereignty under Caldari occupation.

Rise of the Sansha Nation[edit]

The Sansha loyalist organization Naqam has declared war on the longstanding Amarr paramilitary group Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE). <ref>News: Sansha Loyalists Declare War on Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris:</ref>


The Pashanai Terrorist Attack[edit]

The Bloody Hands of Matar, one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in New Eden, has come forward to claim responsibility for the massive explosion on a Ministry of War station at Pashanai III which claimed the lives of just under 5600 people and destroyed several billion ISK's worth of infrastructure.<ref>News: Breaking News: Bloody Hands of Matar Claims Responsibility for Pashani Explosion</ref>

Mervan Moritok, head of the Theology Council, has been confirmed as one of the casualties of the Pashanai explosion.<ref>News: Mervan Moritok Confirmed Casualty:</ref>


Gallente Federation: New head of Senate[edit]

In a close vote, Senator Aulmont Meis was named as Mentas Blaque's successor to the coveted position of the Head of Senate. Formerly head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Meis has nearly four decades of experience within the assembly.<ref> News: Aulmont Meis Named Head of Senate:</ref>


The Nation War of Resurgence[edit]

Over the last two days, Sansha incursions have been reported in multiple systems across New Eden. On 12.05.112, four more raids took place, with True Slave transports apparently abducting people from the planets below.<ref>News: Sansha Invasion Underway:</ref>

In the evening of 13.05.112, a Sansha's Nation raiding fleet attacked Umokka II and VIII simultaneously. During the raid, which lasted no more than thirty minutes, an estimated 50,000 citizens were abducted from planet VIII.<ref>News: Umokka Raided by Sansha's Nation, Abductions Escalate:</ref>

On 15.05.112 two Chimera-class vessels and support fleet were destroyed with the help of a Nyx and Aeon from Cry Havoc. Cry Havoc forces would later be depicted as opportunists in the conflict, on of many twists and turns of public perception and capsuleer factionalism in the war.<ref>News: Sansha Incusions on the Increase:</ref>

On 17.05.112, Planet III in the Jel system was raided by Sansha's Nation supported by a group known as "Friends of Nation." The fleet from Friends of Nation broadcast Nation leader Master Kuvakei’s message to the capsuleers of New Eden; a message that they say is about equality, protection and guidance.<ref>News: Friends of Nation Capsuleer Group Formed:</ref>

At 04:30 on 18.05.112, a conference will begin in "The Summit" virtual reality channel. The conference, formally titled "The Strategic Accord on Re-Emerging Powers" aims to formulate a united strategic posture for capsuleers of all Empires that can be deployed against both the current Sansha raids and possible future Sleeper threats.<ref>News: Capsuleer Conference to Address Sansha Harvests:</ref>


Nation War Continues[edit]

Sansha's Nation continues to assault settlements of all four empires, with the total number of abductions rising into the millions.<ref>News: Sansha Kuvakei's Resurrection: Truth or Trickery?:</ref>

Imagery relayed by the probe, launched by capsuleer Mouse Nell, revealed a massed Nation fleet idling outside a station of Jovian design. DED Signals Intelligence has confirmed the feed as authentic and CONCORD Special Operative Haeldone Dorgiers has also confirmed the station as the Prosper Vault in 3-CE1R.<ref>News: Capsuleer Probe Scouts Other Side of Wormhole; Returns Images of Jovian Space:</ref><ref>GalNet: Eyes on Scene: Huttaken:</ref>

Data acquired by capsuleer Mouse Nell, indicating a major Sansha military presence within the borders of the Jove Empire, the Amarr Empire has set all its military forces to a state of high alert. This marks the first time the entirety of the Empire's main capital force - the Imperial Domain Fleet - has been mobilized since the invasion in YC110.<ref>News: Imperial Fleet on High Alert Following Evidence of Sansha Capital Fleet in Jove Space:</ref>


Minmatar Republic: The reforming of the Nefantar Tribe[edit]

The invasion of the Ammatar Mandate by the Minmatar]elders, an event which took place two years ago in YC110, is perhaps best known today for having allowed millions to reclaim their heritage as part of the Nefantar Tribe.<ref>News: Former Ammatar Elite Talk About Defecting to the Republic:</ref><ref>News: Nefantar Elite Make Best of Their Situation:</ref>

The vast majority of Ammatar who returned to the Republic to reform the Nefantar Tribe were commoners in the Mandate. They are now coalescing into the new tribal leadership.<ref>News: Former Nefantar Holders Attempting to become Tribal Leadership:</ref><ref>News: Many Nefantar Elite Find Adapting to Republic Life Difficult:</ref>

Rise of the Sansha Nation[edit]

As Sansha's Nation continues its renewed offensive against the citizens of New Eden, many have called for the four empires to band together, as in centuries past, and destroy the threat as one. These calls, however, appear to have so far fallen on deaf ears.<ref>News: Calls for Return of Coalition of Empires Go Unanswered:</ref>


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