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Name Yurai-Tenshin Zaibatsu
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Corporate Profile[edit]

Yurai-Tenshin Zaibatsu (YTZ) was founded as a traditional Achur industrial organization, and today continues in its earlier traditions, but accepts applicants of all races who share in our Kyaraban vision of corporate operation.

Espousing values of free-trade and free-transit, we engage in proactive military intervention against known pirate elements for the protection of commerce and access. We are open to working with all friendly nations and private corporations, and are presently working closely with associates in the Intaki Prosperity Initiative under the auspices of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive.

YTZ is presently allied with the corporations of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, under development rights agreement for the establishment of specific Free Trade Zones.

Kyaraban Philosophy[edit]

"Since the dawn of man, civilisations have sought to control their environment; through the establishment of borders, the occupation of territory, systems of government, slavery and serfdom. Vast hierarchies, hereditary rule, the corridors of power, clandestine meetings and obfuscation of truths. These ways have been passed down in the human condition in every generation since the first and will persist far into the future. It is not those in power that propagate these systems, but those who have themselves be governed, by distant emperors, by executive officers, by their peers. These systems have come with us to every world we've settled, all soil walked by human feet is crossed with borders - and now in the heavens through which we fly, the conceptual barriers of blue and red dictated by culture and might and the will of billions control our freedoms and by choice we comply.

The Zaibatsu does not dispute these systems though we may question their implications. We respect the right of others to be governed if that should be their desire and oppression of the masses is a topic for a different debate. Furthermore, we respect prior claims to assets and resources, on-world and off. We support the sovereignty of culture and nation and we understand as well as any the intangible and tangible strands of hegemony that fuel the fires of industry and strife, creation and destruction in this cluster of stars where we all make our homes.

All of this describes what we are not, so what are we? We place our identity in our ascension into the stars. Our spiritual and physical journeys to the near infinity above our former homeworlds. Step by step, technology has always brought us closer to our gods and the rise of infomorphism and capsuleerism is our greatest leap. Geriatric religions have stated that man is created in the image of God, but I say we recreate ourselves with the gods' image fixed in our sights. With our minds naked and brave and flung into the Cosmos we are become the revered of old. We are children, we are gods and this is our imperative!

In the beginning, our pilots formed the Celestial Imperative, seeking to further their understanding of the Cosmos and to exercise freedom to move within it, to explore its mysteries and to define humanity's existence among the stars. We will travel beyond the speed of light to sample and explore. We shall embrace technology as it extends our perception and as it empowers us to disregard the tyranny of those who seek to govern us against our wills.

We do not recognise the concept of a border in space. A world or a mind might be ruled, might be owned, an asteroid or a cloud of gas or a moon claimed as a resource, but the concept of sovereignty within the emptiness of space is as futile as the planting of a flag in the void and the Imperative dispute these fictional borders and will resist attempts to expel us from where we may be parked.

Celestial Imperative travels in Kyaraban. It has been mooted that our membership are those displaced from their own cultures, but we bring our cultures with us and celebrate them. We bear no ill will toward other capsuleers, navies, mercantile shipping or those of our species still planetbound, save toward those who have sought to cause harm to us and those who might deny us our celestial right to freedom between the stars." - Jen Oniera, founder

Economic Philosophy[edit]

The Zaibatsu is a proponent of free trade, as governed by the forces of supply and demand, allowing for the highest ratio of reward to input value (R:I). We have observed that these economic forces represent the actual varying conditions across the galactic landscape and are not a contrived social order. Our goal is to avoid artificial pricing, tarrifs, duties, taxes, and any access restriction that hinders the free flow of goods and currency.

As the availability of resources is predominantly inconsistent between distinct sets of spatial coordinates, the Zaibatsu promotes the distribution of the most advanced technologies to harness locally available resources to achieve their maximum efficient use.

We believe that free transit and free association are conditions that must be present to achieve free trade. The use of force is therefore restricted to the protection of life (the value of which is above all material goods), and to the prevention of property destruction, theft or other forms of loss of useable goods.

Input Value
the cost to the individual or group in terms of time, thought, energy, space, or other commoditizable element that is lost or used up to achieve the Reward.

Security Concerns[edit]

Experience in the deep, unguarded regions of the galaxy have proven that no rule or freedom is possible without the power to defend such ideals from those whose pursuits fail to recognize the value of our purposes.

Such detractors can injure the efforts all free traders seek to stimulate economic growth, and development of celestial resources. It is therefore our duty to enforce a rule of non-aggression to address the security needs of our Free Trade Zones.


For further information, please contact either T'zuki Hiro, Blake Rathen or a councillor of the Imperative in space. Contact details can be obtained from Concord's Alliance summaries.

Applying to Join the Zaibatsu[edit]

In order to apply to Yurai-Tenshin Zaibatsu, please submit the following form by mail to Blake Rathen.

Title: Application - Name

In your application the following information is required.

  1. your security status
  2. your specialization
  3. your employment history - no nationally syndicated corporations, only private corporations are relevant
  4. your interest(s) in our corporation

After you've sent your letter and we've reviewed your application and background, we'll contact you for a more in-depth interview. A decision regarding your application after the interview is completed and extend an invitation or wish you safe journey on your future travels. It's best to not to fly to our office before an accord has been made.

Note: Please make sure you review our corporate profile, as adherence to our corporate philosophy is paramount.

To speak to members of the Zaibatsu, connect to our most recent public channel indicated in our GalNet corporate listing.