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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

It can be noted that the Zephyr has a signature radius comparable to other shuttles, registering a minuscule 25m, making it a good ship for wormhole exploration. A T1 Frigate, such as a Heron, might still be more versatile for the following reasons :

  • Can fit a cloak and a MWD/Afterburner
  • Offer ship bonus to probing signal strength
  • Can add Gravity Capacitor rigs to increase the signal strength furthermore
  • The Zephyr is unique, so you definitely don't want to lose it

It can be noted that while the Zephyr's main strength is invisibility to Sleeper drones, they do not attack capsules either (as any non-capsuleer). If you want to do quick recon of a Sleeper site, you can simply use a capsule.

The exact reason for the Zephyr's apparent invisibility to Sleeper drones is unconfirmed. Valsas en Dilat has yet to respond to inquiries from Arek'Jaalan personnel regarding the specifics of its design and behaviour.

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