Welcome to The Things Initiative

The Things Initiative is a place to gather and vote for the things which you'd like to see changed in Eve. Votes do not mean that things will change, but they can be an indication to CCP that there is interest in said thing.

Below, you'll find the highest rated 'things'. Please have a look at the others (Perhaps using our handy dandy search engine), and vote appropriately, so that the best ideas bubble up to the top. Enter your own and see if others will agree with you

The newest things

Give us an Option do Deaktivate Volumetric Clouds; it's just ugly, makes no sense mostly on combat sites, shreds gpu's and it's deleting the contrast.

Also make the stars as bright as far off you are. it makes no sence that a star has the same brightness at 100 AU and 1 AU


Allow different UI configuration depending on whether you are docked or not. Currently we have some UI windows that are shown only in space or only when docked, but many others are shared. I'd like to see an option to have for instance "Character Sheet" and "Regional Market" windows open when docked, but closed when undocked. On the other hand I have no need for the recently added "Saved locations" when docked, but I'd like it open automatically once I undock. For relative simplicity I'd be open to just having the two states of all windows, so that you could have two completely different UI layouts for when you are docked/undocked without any inheritance between them when it comes to open/closed state and position.


Reduce or eliminate the penalties for declining Agent missions.

When I started doing missions, I did not realize there was a distinction between "Declining" a mission, and closing the mission offer window using the "X" button. If you decline a mission, even from a Level 1 Agent, it locks you out for days.

A related enhancement would be also be for the Agent to tell you how long they'll be mad at you for, after you decline. They currently just turn their nose up at you.


As a new player doing missions, it's easy to forget mission items that you are granted, and which are required.

The "Agent Missions" UI is a great tool. A step could be added to it (eg., "Load item X into your cargo bay")


CCP could eliminate player complaints about skillpoint give-aways, if the SP came from other players. CCP could buy lowest-price injectors on the open market, (using confiscated isk) bank the SP, then offer it in promotions.

Problem: This could severely limit the amount of SP available on the market and drive prices to stratospheric levels, unless CCP restricted themselves to buying a set amount each day or each week. For example: 10%.

This could limit the scope of give-aways, if CCP only had enough to award 10% of players eligible for a promotion. CCP might have to delay SP promotions under this idea, until they had banked enough SP.