Welcome to The Things Initiative

The Things Initiative is a redux of the Medium things initiative that CSM 8 put together last year, but also for little things. What you'll find (and type) here are all those things that you'd like to see CCP do to EVE, ranging from the smallest (change covert Cyno icon colours) to the largest (Fix SOV). This is to give CCP an idea of what you think they should work on. No promises, but it gives us more poking power when we (the CSM) can point at things.

You may notice you're no longer on CSM9.org. This is because I don't want to pay for another IPv4 IP address, which I'd need for the SSL certificate that I wouldn't recommend using EVE's SSO without. Insert a diatribe about people not updating when they should. SSO is used to deal with pesky user auth and to reduce gaming of the system. You don't need to give me your password. Just prove to CCP who you are, and they'll tell me.

Below, you'll find the highest rated 'things'. Please have a look at the others (Perhaps using our handy dandy search engine), and vote appropriately, so that the best ideas bubble up to the top. Enter your own and see if others will agree with you

The newest things

Allow BPCs to be combined. So if, for example I buy 10 single run bpcs from an LP store, I could combine them into 1x10 run bpc. Then I can install it once in the shiny new industry UI and let the factory run. Inverse could also be true - allow me to split a "stack" of BPCs into smaller run sizes (10 run becomes 2x5's or 10x1's or whatever).


Give us an API output to facilitate killboard-style tracking of missions/exploration and other PVE in general. Don't want or need an in-game achievement system - the EVE way of doing this is to make the data available and let the community figure out what works.

Enablers Missions PVE

Add "ISK/m3" as an optional column for inventory windows, so you can sort items by "value per volume".


Use three letters ("ABC") instead of three letters and three numbers for signatures ("ABC-123"). This provides 17,576 unique possibilities, and signatures of the same "class" (site, ship, structure, drone) can still be unique within their class.

Ui Scanning

The text that shows your warp drive is active and the destination is the same regardless if you use the "warp to" or jump/dock/etc options. Having different text would alert the pilot that they have misclicked, and they would have an opportunity to cancel the warp and retrigger it.