Give us an Option do Deaktivate Volumetric Clouds; it's just ugly, makes no sense mostly on combat sites, shreds gpu's and it's deleting the contrast.

Also make the stars as bright as far off you are. it makes no sence that a star has the same brightness at 100 AU and 1 AU

Allow different UI configuration depending on whether you are docked or not. Currently we have some UI windows that are shown only in space or only when docked, but many others are shared. I'd like to see an option to have for instance "Character Sheet" and "Regional Market" windows open when docked, but closed when undocked. On the other hand I have no need for the recently added "Saved locations" when docked, but I'd like it open automatically once I undock. For relative simplicity I'd be open to just having the two states of all windows, so that you could have two completely different UI layouts for when you are docked/undocked without any inheritance between them when it comes to open/closed state and position.


Reduce or eliminate the penalties for declining Agent missions.

When I started doing missions, I did not realize there was a distinction between "Declining" a mission, and closing the mission offer window using the "X" button. If you decline a mission, even from a Level 1 Agent, it locks you out for days.

A related enhancement would be also be for the Agent to tell you how long they'll be mad at you for, after you decline. They currently just turn their nose up at you.

As a new player doing missions, it's easy to forget mission items that you are granted, and which are required.

The "Agent Missions" UI is a great tool. A step could be added to it (eg., "Load item X into your cargo bay")

CCP could eliminate player complaints about skillpoint give-aways, if the SP came from other players. CCP could buy lowest-price injectors on the open market, (using confiscated isk) bank the SP, then offer it in promotions.

Problem: This could severely limit the amount of SP available on the market and drive prices to stratospheric levels, unless CCP restricted themselves to buying a set amount each day or each week. For example: 10%.

This could limit the scope of give-aways, if CCP only had enough to award 10% of players eligible for a promotion. CCP might have to delay SP promotions under this idea, until they had banked enough SP.

NPC Agent Info tab: Research Services list is hard to read. Just convert commas to line breaks. For some NPC's, their info window must be stretched screen-wide to read all the items.


Company store/ Corp LP; Give members an allowance to buy things from the corp. Beats having to manage containers. Corp LP distribution could be adjusted by rank, and costs for items would be set by those with a permission to do so. A closed economy in the corp in a sense.

Add combat debuffs to fitting cynos similar to warp stab debuffs to lock range and scan res

To fit ships in the corp hanger. Current everything has to be in the personal item hanger. Why not have materials be taken from anywhere. Surely someone in logistics for an alliance must thing this is a pain. Surely you should be able to build ships like you build items, using materials form anywhere.

Suspect timer for ships that scan.

Brackets for my own ship. So I can see me in potato mode.

Gate guns scale down on ships smaller than cruiser. Cruiser and above its the same.

I'd like to be able to tackle things in a frigate in low sec. maybe down to 1/2 the current dps. Frigates would still have a very limited window.


Colour Coding Fleet Watchlist so Logi can sort their priority watchlist by ship type.

A comments section to the watchlist would be awesome too. All yellow on a watchlist are the recons, I know pilot name x is flying a huginn and pilot name y is flying a lach. Etc.

All blue pilots in my watchlist are my other logi

All red pilots are the links



Abyssal PvP for frigs. 3v3 makes it difficult for the meta to become stale like cruiser abyssal PvP.

Republic Fleet Missiles

Add speed to ship brackets.

Setting guns safety to red in hisec should cause suspect flag, because it probably means you're up to no good!

Double warp speed and acceleration for everything

Give usa an option to set scaning drones a defalut range whenever we launch them in space, not like now it's set to 4AU

Allow players to install one clone for each active Standup Cloning Center in an Upwell structure. (Max 3.) Enables players to maintain and switch between different implant sets in a single structure, at the cost of fuel and takes up a service slot.

To encourage a choice between adding services or adding another structure to obtain this benefit, increase the cycle time fuel cost of the second and third Cloning Center from 10 to 15 units.

(Adds costs to expand on a previously submitted idea)

Change implant clones into an always accessible pool e.g.

I have 3 implanted clones (out of a max of ?) 1 HG-Crystal 1 HG-Slave 1 +5 set

Allow me to access these clones anywhere.

Keep 'Jump Clones' the same, but seperate to the above. I can still move around to different locations when i need to, but have greater access to implants I want to utilise. This QOL change would allow people to more easily use implants, and thus run more risk of losing them.

Multiple personal wallets


Multiple clones in 1 citadel

Gate/station guns do not attack FW-affiliated players in FW systems that are controlled by their faction - give another reason to actually care about system ownership.


Continuously refreshed suspect timer for being in a FW plex - you're there to fight, concord shouldn't care when you attack someone. This reduces a counterintuitive penalty for actually participating in the purpose of the space.


Remember previously selected tab on Character Info

Memory of the last selected tab is handy, particularly for Employment History

When I select Show Info for a character the default tab differs by character because some people have a Bio tab and others don’t. There is effectively an intermittent out by one error.

Use the memory of the index of the final tab, or memory by tab name.


Add the wallet back to the default Neocom. Make Neocom icons color-coded again.

Fix the default overview and UI. It is horrendous, unexplained, and unclear. It's driving away new players.

Nerf Rorquals, Citadels and supercapitals heavily. Resource production is going crazy because Rorquals are very hard to kill with supercapitals watching over them. You can't even take over the space they live in because there are dozens of citadels in every populated nullsec system, which all take far too long to kill. This is leading to even MORE Rorquals and even MORE supercapitals, exacerbating the problem.

Make PvE in nullsec more like Burner missions and Abyssal deadspace:

  • small number of high powered enemies
  • enemies will warp disrupt you and hold you there
  • ship fittings are closer to PvP, so someone can come in and attack you and you will be able to fight back
  • the added risk will make people run sites in groups, allowing interesting PvP small gang fights to happen

After a certain amount of time, wrecks generated by PvP will turn into a relic site near wherever the battle happened, with loot/difficulty/size of the site determined by what was blown up.

Add a "home station" citadel service which is required in order to respawn in that citadel. Allow it to be installed and function in wormholes.

Remove one reinforcement timer from all low power structures allowing them to be destroyed in one sitting.

Change local for the better

Change local chat so that it still shows the correct number of people in system, however their names (and affiliation/blue status) are hidden until they speak up.

That way, it becomes considerably more difficult to use local as an intel tool, while keeping most of its functionality as an information tool and chat service.

Consolidate FW activity to a 'front line' of systems - a system is only vulnerable to plexing if it is adjacent to a system owned by the opposing faction (including non-FW systems). Increases the strategic importance of geography, concentrates activity, and reduces the opportunity for mindless afk/botted plexing in dead backwaters.


Add horizontal scroll bars to windows. It's often unclear there's more info hidden to the side that only expanding the window can reveal, and this is painful at lower resolutions. Windows like Corp Management and Structure Browser suffer from this heavily.

Supercapitals are no longer permitted in FW space. They cannot take cynos/gates into FW systems, and any currently existing in FW systems are treated like legacy capitals in hisec - not allowed to be used for PvP and can only leave. Regular capitals are still allowed. Somewhat limits the ability of outside entities to oppress FW activity.

ACL override in FW space - all characters affiliated in FW cannot dock or tether at citadels in a system owned by the opposing faction, regardless of citadel owner or permissions. Makes system control actually mean something again.

Asset safety 10% isk fee becomes 'randomly chosen 10% of stuff goes into the drop lottery' instead. Allows citadel bashes to drop loot without just removing asset safety (same average cost to the owner as now), plus hilarity when loot fairy says 'no' on a titan.

Asset safety fees should be paid out to alliances that destroyed it. Alliance paid by % damage done over the 2/3 ref timers.

Supers/Titans should be dropped from Sotiyos/Keepstars as they had never previously had that safety.

Reduce anom spawns in NS in order to reduce the carrying capacity of regions.

Create mission and exploration site generators for more variety/surprises.

Adjust 'Excavator' Mining Drone base speed to 150 m/s

Remove Asset Safety from NullSec Citadels.

In terms of balance passes, stop nerfing viable ships. Instead, bring other, underpowered/weak ships to a competitive power level.

Replace structure damage caps with logarithmic damage scaling

To all market Transactions entries, add Item ID tooltip (or a new column with this info.)

<i>(Encourage more market activity by reminding players what item buy orders have expired.)</i>

A deplorable NS/LS Structure that shows up on an overview that allows targeting a neighboring system by either jump gate connection or within 5LY and will render local chat identical to wormhole local chat. This allows for the removing of local to be gamified. Entering local in the targeted system will provide a local warning that chat is disrupted due to a signal from the originating system.

Make Alliance-wide bookmarks.

LowSec Gate To Stain

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