Republic Fleet Missiles

Gate/station guns do not attack FW-affiliated players in FW systems that are controlled by their faction - give another reason to actually care about system ownership.


Continuously refreshed suspect timer for being in a FW plex - you're there to fight, concord shouldn't care when you attack someone. This reduces a counterintuitive penalty for actually participating in the purpose of the space.


Consolidate FW activity to a 'front line' of systems - a system is only vulnerable to plexing if it is adjacent to a system owned by the opposing faction (including non-FW systems). Increases the strategic importance of geography, concentrates activity, and reduces the opportunity for mindless afk/botted plexing in dead backwaters.


Supercapitals are no longer permitted in FW space. They cannot take cynos/gates into FW systems, and any currently existing in FW systems are treated like legacy capitals in hisec - not allowed to be used for PvP and can only leave. Regular capitals are still allowed. Somewhat limits the ability of outside entities to oppress FW activity.

ACL override in FW space - all characters affiliated in FW cannot dock or tether at citadels in a system owned by the opposing faction, regardless of citadel owner or permissions. Makes system control actually mean something again.

Remove the tier system in Factional Warfare

Make all structures in a system not owned by the currently owning militia low power

Deny non-militia corp and alliance the ability to anchor in FW space