Allow players to install one clone for each active Standup Cloning Center in an Upwell structure. (Max 3.) Enables players to maintain and switch between different implant sets in a single structure, at the cost of fuel and takes up a service slot.

To encourage a choice between adding services or adding another structure to obtain this benefit, increase the cycle time fuel cost of the second and third Cloning Center from 10 to 15 units.

(Adds costs to expand on a previously submitted idea)

Multiple clones in 1 citadel

Nerf Rorquals, Citadels and supercapitals heavily. Resource production is going crazy because Rorquals are very hard to kill with supercapitals watching over them. You can't even take over the space they live in because there are dozens of citadels in every populated nullsec system, which all take far too long to kill. This is leading to even MORE Rorquals and even MORE supercapitals, exacerbating the problem.

Add a "home station" citadel service which is required in order to respawn in that citadel. Allow it to be installed and function in wormholes.

Remove one reinforcement timer from all low power structures allowing them to be destroyed in one sitting.

Add horizontal scroll bars to windows. It's often unclear there's more info hidden to the side that only expanding the window can reveal, and this is painful at lower resolutions. Windows like Corp Management and Structure Browser suffer from this heavily.

ACL override in FW space - all characters affiliated in FW cannot dock or tether at citadels in a system owned by the opposing faction, regardless of citadel owner or permissions. Makes system control actually mean something again.

Asset safety 10% isk fee becomes 'randomly chosen 10% of stuff goes into the drop lottery' instead. Allows citadel bashes to drop loot without just removing asset safety (same average cost to the owner as now), plus hilarity when loot fairy says 'no' on a titan.

Asset safety fees should be paid out to alliances that destroyed it. Alliance paid by % damage done over the 2/3 ref timers.

Supers/Titans should be dropped from Sotiyos/Keepstars as they had never previously had that safety.

Remove Asset Safety from NullSec Citadels.

Replace structure damage caps with logarithmic damage scaling

Limit amount of citadel structures per system for an alliance.