Add combat debuffs to fitting cynos similar to warp stab debuffs to lock range and scan res

Nerf Rorquals, Citadels and supercapitals heavily. Resource production is going crazy because Rorquals are very hard to kill with supercapitals watching over them. You can't even take over the space they live in because there are dozens of citadels in every populated nullsec system, which all take far too long to kill. This is leading to even MORE Rorquals and even MORE supercapitals, exacerbating the problem.

Reduce anom spawns in NS in order to reduce the carrying capacity of regions.

Create mission and exploration site generators for more variety/surprises.

Remove Asset Safety from NullSec Citadels.

Replace structure damage caps with logarithmic damage scaling

A deplorable NS/LS Structure that shows up on an overview that allows targeting a neighboring system by either jump gate connection or within 5LY and will render local chat identical to wormhole local chat. This allows for the removing of local to be gamified. Entering local in the targeted system will provide a local warning that chat is disrupted due to a signal from the originating system.

LowSec Gate To Stain

Limit amount of citadel structures per system for an alliance.