Add combat debuffs to fitting cynos similar to warp stab debuffs to lock range and scan res

Gate guns scale down on ships smaller than cruiser. Cruiser and above its the same.

I'd like to be able to tackle things in a frigate in low sec. maybe down to 1/2 the current dps. Frigates would still have a very limited window.


Colour Coding Fleet Watchlist so Logi can sort their priority watchlist by ship type.

A comments section to the watchlist would be awesome too. All yellow on a watchlist are the recons, I know pilot name x is flying a huginn and pilot name y is flying a lach. Etc.

All blue pilots in my watchlist are my other logi

All red pilots are the links



Abyssal PvP for frigs. 3v3 makes it difficult for the meta to become stale like cruiser abyssal PvP.

Add speed to ship brackets.

Double warp speed and acceleration for everything

Allow players to install one clone for each active Standup Cloning Center in an Upwell structure. (Max 3.) Enables players to maintain and switch between different implant sets in a single structure, at the cost of fuel and takes up a service slot.

To encourage a choice between adding services or adding another structure to obtain this benefit, increase the cycle time fuel cost of the second and third Cloning Center from 10 to 15 units.

(Adds costs to expand on a previously submitted idea)

Nerf Rorquals, Citadels and supercapitals heavily. Resource production is going crazy because Rorquals are very hard to kill with supercapitals watching over them. You can't even take over the space they live in because there are dozens of citadels in every populated nullsec system, which all take far too long to kill. This is leading to even MORE Rorquals and even MORE supercapitals, exacerbating the problem.

Make PvE in nullsec more like Burner missions and Abyssal deadspace:

  • small number of high powered enemies
  • enemies will warp disrupt you and hold you there
  • ship fittings are closer to PvP, so someone can come in and attack you and you will be able to fight back
  • the added risk will make people run sites in groups, allowing interesting PvP small gang fights to happen

After a certain amount of time, wrecks generated by PvP will turn into a relic site near wherever the battle happened, with loot/difficulty/size of the site determined by what was blown up.

Marauder Cyno Inhib Capability