Improve sorting of Salvaged Materials. T1 and T2 blueprints and items are separated by meta levels and icon overlay tags, but the materials to build them are not.

Increase item hanger limit of (currently) 1,000 item-stacks.

Enable designation of containers in item hanger, which will be used as sources of items for new ship fitting, based on saved fits.

Cyno spoolup. Introduce timer, during which cyno is not visible system-wide and cannot be jumped to. Example: normal ships 30 seconds spoolup, 5 minutes cycle; capitals: 60-90 seconds spoolup, 5 minutes cycle; force recon: 5 seconds spoolup, 1-2 minutes cycle. If needed, civilian cynos (for jump freighters) can be separated to have shorter spoolup (as separate module or via script).

Limit amount of citadel structures per system for an alliance.

Remove the tier system in Factional Warfare

Make all structures in a system not owned by the currently owning militia low power

Deny non-militia corp and alliance the ability to anchor in FW space

Consolidate corp management features (hangars, wallet access and roles) into access lists so directors only have to manage one system.

Marauder Cyno Inhib Capability

Give Alliances own Wallets, Bookmarks, Hangers etc

Increase Corp Bookmark Limit

Allow for blueprint copies to be consolidated

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