Fill in the 3 applicable team benefits. Completely freeform for experimentation

Additional Cost
Material Saving
Time Reduction

Typeid Material Initial Quantity per run Reduced Quantity Job Quantity Regional Price Adjusted Price Job Price
Item Unit Price
Job Material Cost
Job Base Price
Install Price
Build Time
Invention Cost
Profit (Sell - Material - Install)
Profit isk/hrProfit isk/hr (Normalized to 24 hours)
Activity Skill Required Level

Research Time
Research Cost

Research Time
Research Cost

Basic functionality for now. Eventually skills will be saveable, and will be the actual skills, not just the generics.

Material Name Quantity Consumed Cost per successful run
Blueprint copy install cost
Install cost
Total cost per successful run
Decryptor Name Probability ±ME ±TE ±Runs Select
Activity Index Value
NameSell PriceBuy PriceAdjusted

Blueprint Selection