API – Map data

I was asked for this, and it didn’t take long to put together, so I present to you: The fuzzworks.co.uk eve map data api.

Map Data


This takes, as input parameters, all optional:

  • itemid : from mapDenormalize
  • solarsystemid
  • regionid
  • constellationid
  • typeid (for things which appear in mapDenormalize)
  • groupid (for things which appear in mapDenormalize. Stars are group 6)
  • format: Either xml, json or csv

You’ll find there’s a entry called complete in there. Which you may find handy when using something like google docs, because you can pull a result set, and split it on |, to get all the values at once.

The format parameter overrides the following; The page will look at the Accept header, to determine what to send. text/csv will send csv preferentially. then text/xml or application/xml, with application/json being the least important.

You’re limited to 250 results being returned.

The x,y,z values are from mapDenormalize, so they’re only useful within a solar system.

If you find this handy, please let me know.

If you’d like this extended in some fashion, let me know.

Nearest Celestial API


Give it x, y and z coordinates, and a solarsystemid, and get back the nearest celestial. Handy for working out what’s near a location, form the location api (as long as you know which system that’s in. Which is in the asset api)