Monthly Archives: May 2014

Finally, a CSM post

I kept meaning to write something, but there was always something new coming up. Or I was recovering from the night before.

Well, here it is. Thank you, to everyone that voted for me, and showed some faith in the system. I’ll try not to let you down. From the chat’s I’ve had with the other CSM members, I think we’ll do pretty well this year. They’re an engaging bunch, and opinionated. Which is always good.

You may have seen that we’ve decided not to elect any of the positions. This isn’t an attempt to get out of doing any work, or to stop Ali from getting the Chairman position. In part, it’s due to CCP saying that positions wouldn’t be elected until the summer summit, and also from the fact that we think we won’t actually need them.

The newcomers amongst us will still listen to the people who have been around before, and we’ll just designate people to do tasks as needed. The net effect is the same, with no e-peen waving required. Lets us get down to business.

Anyway, I’ve not yet had any serious conversations with CCP, and only just signed my NDA. The transition’s going fairly smoothly.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be blogging, mostly because the stuff I’m going to be most interested in will be behind NDA, or released on the forums shortly there after. But I’ll try to keep up.

In other news, I’ve added a CSM section to, and you can find it in the navbar. Right now, it’s kind of sparse, because I had to add categorization for posts, and that requires reprocessing. Mostly I chose to do it with Mynnna’s as it had the fewest posts overall, so I could just dump them all, rather than everything past a certain date. I’ll get to the other people’s soon enough.