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POS changes for EVE

This is all inspired by A post by Two step about where he’d like to see POSes going.

I pretty much agree with what he’s saying, but it inspired a few more detailed thoughts than I was happy putting into a comment on someone elses blog. So, I’m writing this one.


The method for placing POS modules appears to be a reasonable one. I’m happy enough with it as that is, except I’d like it to require modules to be connected, before they can be powered up. This would need a connector module, or another ‘useful’ module, like a lab, hanger, assembly aray, you name it. That way, you’ll have a ramshackle arrangement, but it’ll be a thing. Rather than a few disparate modules all hanging there, with some sort of power beaming tech, and wireless communications 😉

That pretty much matches with what was mentioned in fanfest. This is good.


I don’t like the central tower idea. It makes upgrading to another size more difficult, and it means someone can go ‘large tower, this much in the way of resources.’ What I do like, is the following:

  • Every module still requires a certain amount of power, and CPU.
  • Power is provided by dedicated power station modules, which have no CPU requirement, and each have their own fuel bay.
  • CPU is provided by dedicated control modules. These have a power requirement. If you have a charter requirement, they would go here. Possibly add charter requirements for SOV space (Sov holder’s choice) with a ‘Pirate’ Control module that avoids it, while providing significantly less.
  • The first module to be anchored is a power module. And this can be /anywhere/ in a system. No moon requirement.  Then a CPU module.
  • POS shields are provided by another module. Ideally with a variable power requirement, depending on the range you want. Multiple modules are possible, allowing for intercecting bubbles of POS shields. If you want to store a Titan in one, it’ll cost you a lot more power, requiring a more powerful Power station. If a shield is taken down, it exposes the things within it. Multiple shields reduce what is exposed. I wouldn’t want for the shields to be stackable though.
  • Power Stations come in a number of sizes, each providing a different quantity of power, and each using a different number of fuel blocks. A more powerful module may cost more than multiple smaller modules providing the same amount of power, but it requires less work to keep fueled, as it’s just one bay, rather than multiple. It’ll also take up less space, making shield requirements smaller.
  • Docking up is possible, but will require a dedicated module.
  • All station services are possible, but require dedicated modules for each. This includes market services, but they’re only advertised to people who have the standing to use it.
  • A cheap module to allow people to see your POS on the overview.
  • Defense modules as normal.
  • A ‘cloaking’ module, to make it harder to scan down. Including ships docked up in it. Hard, but not impossible to scan. The higher the power rating, the easier it is to scan. this can be mitigated by more cloaking modules. But these should be expensive to run, at least CPU wise.


As for anchoring, I’d open it up to allow individuals to do it for themselves, as well as on behalf of a Corp or Alliance, as well as allowing the transfer of the POS as a whole between any of the three. If the owner doesn’t have the standing for the POS increase the charter cost. Delegation of POS access should be from the Owner’s standings to th User/Corp/Alliance, with each level being overridden by the earlier. Ideally, like with the research services, you can allow access on a slot by slot basis, without people being able to change other people’s jobs.

Something I’m not sure about yet, is a War Dec immunity on a POS. If this was allowed, on the other hand, all services on the station would have to be made public (and on the overview), with a suitable cost cap. Possibly with an on-going cost, too. Pretty much to make it a break-even endevour. This would mostly to be to move things into player hands, and out of NPC hands, without the ability of wardecs to cripple high-sec. It doesn’t quite feel right though.


I’ll probably have another post, as I think about it more.

Understanding the Market

I’ve seen a few people who’ve had a fundamental misunderstanding of how EVE’s market works. While it’s been explained to them, I’m going to explain it here, so I can direct people more efficiently.
There’s even a picture, which I’ll be referencing in the explanation.

The most important thing in the market, is to understand that you’re not buying and selling directly from other players. You deal with the Market. So do they. Unless it’s the trade window (avoid avoid avoid, it’ll likely be a scam), or a contract, you’ll be dealing with the market. Not another player.

The main misunderstanding I’ve seen is, someone sees a market like the above. They click on a specific order (lets say the 125,999.87 isk sell order), and select buy. They then have the buy window pop up, with that as the price. They hit ok, and have now acquired a shiny new Executioner. Their wallet is 125,999.87 isk lighter as well. However, the order they clicked on still has 100 units on it.

What’s happened is they’ve actually bought from the cheapest order on the market. And the player selling it is 125,999.87(-tax) richer.

When a player places a sell order, with a duration, what they’re saying is: ‘Sell this for at least this much’. People who put in a higher price will just give you extra isk
When a player places a buy order, with a duration, what they’re saying is: ‘Buy for no more than this much’. People who put in a lower will just sell it to you cheaper.

The highest buy order always wins.
The lowest Sell order always wins.
In the events of ties, it’s the order modified the longest time ago.

If you put in an order, with a duration, which overlaps the price of the other kind of order, you get the worst deal.

If a buy order:
You will buy at the price you say, from all the sell orders with lower prices, then the remainder will be a regular buy order, where people can sell to you for cheaper

If a sell order:
You will sell at the price of the your sell order to any buy orders with higher prices, then then the remainder will be a regular sell order, where people can buy from you for more.

Just keep all this in mind. Double check the prices you’re doing stuff at.

Ship Fit Viewer

Been working on a little something, and it looks to be working out nicely.
I had been wanting to be able to put in ship fits here, and have them look semi reasonable. And now, I can.
Now up on github, with basic integration instructions.
Feel free to use the code directly from here, but be aware this is also where I’ll be developing from.

Baby steps in PvP

I’ve been meaning to get my feet properly wet in PvP for a while now, and shortly before the end of Fanfest, I took the plunge, setting up a new account and slapping some skills on to train. This may have been a little alcohol fuelled, but that’s Fanfest for you. Also fuelled by the stories people were telling.

Other than throwing a few skills on the queue, my new character’s been pretty inactive, until a few days ago.  In part, that was me waiting for my T2 tank skills to complete. In part, if was just being hideously busy since getting back. However, that then changed. I’ve joined faction warfare, to give me more of a reason to fight, and a simple way to generate regions where I’m a trifle less likely to run into something massively out of my league. Gated missions, limiting entry to T1 Frigs and Destroyers is handy, when you’re a complete noob.

So, what’s my K:D ratio like? 0:3 =D

Turns out, bouncing into a FW site, when you’re the only purple in system, with a whole bunch of oranges, is a good way to have you face shredded. Who’d have thunk it. Then I lost a Pulse Punisher to a Arty Thrasher on a gate. Going to have to work on my traversal management for that. Then finally, another Pulse Punisher to a CN Hookbill, while in one of those aforementioned gated missions. I could have run, as there was plenty of time to align and warp, but I wanted to see how badly I’d die. I think I got a couple of hits in. Nothing worth writing home about.

On the other hand, I ran into a whole bunch of nice folks (Who just wanted to blow me up. Nothing wrong with that), who didn’t complain when I bounced past them. The ones who did blow me up? Perfectly nice folk too. No constructive criticism from them, but about the most constructive thing I could come up with was ‘I suck, need more practice”, so I can’t exactly blame them.

Anyway,  the roaming identified a couple of areas where I think I need to backfill on skills, so that’s all happening. And in the meantime, I’ll be going off and dying like an idiot heroicly, for the glory of the Amarr Empire. At some point, I’ll also be looking for a corp to join with that character, so watch your corp applications notifications, for a noob looking for new and interesting ways to die.


Once again, Hulkageddon is rapidly approaching. This will be my first, and I have to admit, I’m going to be interested to see the result of it.

While I’m mostly a High-Sec carebear (my forays into PvP are a different story), you’re not going to hear a word of complaint out of me for this. Well except, perhaps, for the complaints about the chafing from rubbing my hands in glee over the ISK I’ll make selling Destroyers and Tornadoes.

I guess I can understand the complaints from people that only mine, those people that mine and pay for their many accounts with Plex. I don’t agree with them, but I do understand them. Just like I can understand the complaints from people who carry hundreds of millions worth in a T1 Industrial which gets ganked. Neither is particularly valid. I’ll refer you to Rule 2.

But it’s not as if they didn’t know it was coming. This is the fifth Hulkageddon and plenty of notice has been given on when it starts. Avoiding it is easy. And if you are Plexing, just hold off on renewing till it’s done. Hours for plex will cover this nicely. You should have some ISK set aside for a rainy day, after all.Especially with the way that mineral prices are shooting up.

The funniest thing is, guess where all the ISK will end up. With the miners and manufacturers. Almost everything in EVE comes from you. Certainly all the ships do.

So, I welcome Hulkageddon. It’s not going to be banned. It’s not going anywhere. Don’t mine while it’s on and you’ll be fine. Or find somewhere out of the way, and watch local. Even better, spin up a PvP alt, and go hunting. You might find you enjoy it.

A Boy and his Pod.

Time to spew my drivel over yet another stellar cluster. 🙂

Who am I? I’m a Carebear, and I’m a small time PvPer. Different Characters, for different purposes. I won’t say I’m good at PvP. Hilariously bad is possibly a better description right now, but I’m working in it. Long term, I’ll be throwing up stuff about that.

What will I have on this Blog? My opinion, in most part. Maybe a little fiction, if I’m feeling brave (and creative). Advice on things, though I guess that falls under opinion once again. I’m not a well known EVE personality. Not yet, at least 😉 I’ll probably also add some stuff on coding for the API, and the use of the static data export. If there’s any specific thing people are interested in, drop me a line at @fuzzysteve on twitter.

On the rest of this site you’ll find some tools for industry that I put together. If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, drop me a line.

I still have to decide on a killboard to use. I’ll probably end up with just Evekill or similar. And long term, I’ll be looking for a corp to join with the PvP alt.


Now, off to kick off a few production jobs to support the brave Eggers protecting New Edens helpless asteroids. Have to let them recover, after all. Conservation.