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Eve Vegas

I know I’ve been light on posting. Sorry about that, I’ve just not had much to talk about that I can talk about publicly. At least, not that hasn’t been covered in detail by other people. Sugar Kyle has been great at this. Lots of writing. 🙂

However, I’ve been poked by people that think I should be communicating more (Thanks Sugar) so I’m trying to pick my writing up again.

By now, you’ve probably read a bunch about Eve Vegas, and the shenanigans people got up to there. I enjoyed myself greatly there, and spent a fair quantity of time talking with people, getting a general feeling for how things are going down. With Phoebe, the general feel I got was resignation that, while the jump changes might impact on gameplay they liked, it was for the good of the game in general. While not the most upbeat feel, sometimes you just have to rip the plaster off.

For those that watched the stream, yes, they called my name for a prize. Unfortunately, I was in the roundtable room, where I thought I would be more useful (I caught the presentations later) so I didn’t hear. Oh well, didn’t want those headphones anyway 😉

From a 3rd party dev standpoint, Foxfour’s presentation and roundtable didn’t really reveal particularly much. However, it did point to a renewed appetite within CCP for getting us the tools which we need, to be able to do stuff. While we don’t yet have a timescale for getting authenticated CREST on TQ, he announced that we should be getting it on SiSi in the nearish future, first as part of a trial much like the SSO trial, and then moving onto an automated version. And SSO on TQ, for most people, should be out very soon indeed. Just waiting on a few crossed i’s and dotted t’s.

Capt Out’s CREST presentation is worth a watch. you can find it on Youtube. It’s not a recording of the one from Eve Vegas, instead being a redone one, with better production values. The roundtable room wasn’t good for recordings.

One of the big things I came away with, from talking with people, was a reinforced understanding that Discoverability is one of Eve’s key weaknesses. From ‘how do I find a community to be part of’ to ‘How do I change my own market orders, without going via the order screen’. So many options, with google often being the easiest way to find an answer. The NPE talk from Rise did touch on this, but it’s a little more endemic than that. It’s something that CCP will need to focus on, over time. For both New players, and Veterans.


Oh, and I’m running for CSM X. And I’m calling it that for a host of good reasons, not just because it let me update the ‘Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM 9’ tshirt that I have, with a sharpie. It’s an early announcement, but I’m hoping that people read the minutes which should be out shortly, and think I’m doing what they voted for.





Zoom zoom 😉

Updated Blueprint Details

I’ve been a trifle remiss in posting of late, especially with the big changes which have come out lately. Sorry about that.

However, I have kept on top of getting the SDE conversions out, including the blueprint details, yanked out of the new blueprints.yaml file, and shoved into appropriate database tables. The good news is, they’re a lot easier to work with than the old versions. The not so good news is, I’ve not been back porting them into MS SQL server, so that’s a step you’ll have to manage yourself (Should be pretty easy, tbh. If you have trouble, give me a yell, and I’ll write something up)

The Tables:


This isn’t actually a new table. it’s just handy for knowing which activity id is which actual activity. such as 1 is manufacturing.


If you need to know how long it takes to do something, this is your table. Blueprint type id,  activityid, time in seconds to do it. This is a time unmodified by TE, so you’ll be reducing it.


This is the core table for most of you good folk. blueprint type id, activity id, material id, quantity, and if it’s consumed. With the changes coming in phoebe, consume is deprecated. I’m leaving it in, set to 1 for everything, so things won’t break, but it’ll go away in time.


For invention and reverse engineering. No longer do you need to create a table, CCP provide all the information.


The outputs from a blueprints, with its various activities. Handy, when you want to be able to determine what is invented from what. Also includes the number of items created in a batch, or the number of runs from invention and reverse engineering.


This one will be going away. Prephoebe, it let you know what you could reverse engineer from what, race wise. That’s no longer needed.


The skills to do each activity.


I needed somewhere to keep the maxProductionLimit value. That’s what this table is for.


As you can see, everything is a lot simpler to query now, everything tied to the blueprint type id, rather than to the final product. In the examples below, I’m using expanded Cargohold IIs. 1320 is the blueprint, 1319 is the actual thing.

select typeName,materialTypeID,quantity
from industryActivityMaterials iam
join invTypes on (iam.materialTypeID=invTypes.typeID)
where activityid=1 and iam.typeid=1320
To make something.

select typename,materialTypeID,iam.quantity
from industryActivityMaterials iam
join industryActivityProducts iap on (iap.typeid=iam.typeid)
join invTypes on (iam.materialTypeID=invTypes.typeID)
where iam.activityid=8 and iap.activityid=8 and iap.producttypeid=1320
To invent the blueprint to make them. This gives the materials for the invention, but not the required blueprint. To get that, you could just pull iam.typeid.



The formulas for using all these figures have been drawn together by Qoi, in this forum post which is handy. The core one is:

quantity after adjustment= max(runs,ceil(round((quantity(1-(ME/100))(1/(100-facility bonus))(1-(team bonus 1/100))(1-(team bonus 2/100))),2)))

The round, in case you’re curious, is there to eliminate a pesky floating point rounding error, which leads to some materials being 1 too high.