CSM 15 – Candidates

The voting for CSM 15 starts on June 1st, 2020. Please remember to vote during the time that it’s open. If you think “I won’t vote, because it’s all just null blocs who get in”, you’re contributing to that (unless you’d just be voting for null bloc people 😉 ) Maybe you won’t get the people you want, but at least you tried? And it’s possible for non Bloc members to get in. I did. For six years.

No, I’m not running this year. It’s been six years. I think I deserve a rest from it, no?

Onto the candidates:

The Alumni:

We have a few people coming back. I’d suggest you think about these ones. (Not saying the others are bad, but they generally wouldn’t need your support.)

Mike Azariah – I’ve worked with him before. He’s a bit of an institution (should be institutionalized? 😉 ) in highsec, running his Magic School Bus for newbies.

Brisc Rubal – But “Brisc is a Goon!” I hear you tell. That’s true, yes. If that’s a deal breaker for you, move on. If it’s not, he does actually listen, and he did bring stuff from non-Goons to CCP.

Exooki – He’s a somewhat polarizing figure right now. And can be accused of being a goon, due to the Initiative mercenaries thing. But he did a reasonable job talking to CCP about wormhole stuff. If you care about wormhole stuff, maybe keep him in mind. If you think wormholes (and/or potential Goons) should DIAF, then move on.

The Rest:

These folk haven’t been on the CSM before. There’s upsides and downsides to that. One of the downsides is that I won’t be there to see the hope die in their eyes when they see how the sausage factory really works. I kid. Mostly. I don’t really known these folks, so take any recommendations with a dose of salt. Do some research, if you can.

Insidious Sainthood – Small gang/Solo PVP advocate. While fleet combat is important, so’s the little stuff. You don’t want to have one destroy the other. Always handy for an alternate. Keep an eye on them for FW too.

January Valentine – Community type. Which can be handy, as part of the CSM job is keeping a finger on community sentiment. (There can be a bit of sentiment guidance too, but that’s entirely a personal decision. CSM members tend to have seen more of the reasoning behind things. Which is why there can be a degree of ‘white knighting’. It’s never been requested by CCP.)

Kenneth Feld – He seems to have his head screwed on when it comes to industry. As that’s one of the legs of Eve, it’s kind of important.

Pandora Singularity – I’ve met her, while she was organising Eve North. Which went without (from the outside at least) a hitch. More community connections, and generally a good egg.

Stitch Kaneland – If FW is your thing, maybe take a look here. FW’s been needing work for a fair time. Maybe CCP will finally be able to dedicate some time to it.


Now, just because I haven’t suggested someone, doesn’t mean they’re not worth voting for. While yes, I’m stuck at home at the moment like many of the rest of you, I can do my entire job from there. And it’s been hectic, and draining. My research has suffered because of this. A few of them reached out to me for an endorsement. They got a little more attention because of that. They didn’t all get it. I will have missed worthy candidates.

Either way, please vote. Put the person you want the most at the top, and then put people you’d still like to see below them. Those slots don’t cost you anything to use, after all.

The list above is in no particular order.

If you do more research on people, ignore anyone who promises you anything, other than that they’ll talk to CCP. the CSM can’t make CCP do anything. Those people have no understanding of how the CSM works.