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CSM 8 Results

Well, they’ve released the ballots for CSM 8, and unsurprisingly, I still haven’t won.

What you can get from the ballots, after processing them, is the following output.

So, there were a total of 17 rounds, With 31 candidates, and 14 being elected, this is pretty obvious stuff. With the way the Wright STV system works, one candidate is eliminated each round, then the entire election run again as if there had been no votes for them. When you have 14 candidates remaining, they’re all elected.

The order of elimination:

  1. DaeHan Minhyok
  2. Cipreh
  3. Kaleb Rysode
  4. Awol Aurix
  5. Artctura
  6. Ayeson
  7. PsychoBitch
  8. Roc Wieler
  9. riverini
  10. Travis Musgrat
  11. Unforgiven Storm
  12. Corebloodbrothers
  13. Steve Ronuken
  14. Psychotic Monk
  15. Greene Lee
  16. Banlish
  17. Nathan Jameson

Obviously, I’d have prefered, if not elected, to be eliminated in the last round. But round 13 isn’t too bad for someone with no track record. Sure, some people have heard of me, but my name isn’t ‘out there’.

There are some people who find the system too confusing. For them, I’ll give a /very/ layman version. For a little more detail, take a look at mynnna’s blog post on it.

Short version:

It takes \frac{Total votes}{Number of positions +1} to get someone elected. So, then someone is provisionally elected (You aren’t elected until it’s actually over.), you take the all the votes for that person, take all the people provisionally elected off the front of it, and reassign the votes to the next candidate on them. These votes are worth \frac{number of votes over what was needed}{number of votes for the candidate}

Once you’ve got a bunch of provisionally elected people, and all the votes have finished cascading, if you don’t have enough of them, you eliminate the lowest scoring candidate, scrub their number from all the votes and start all over again. If votes are exhausted (No candidates left on them) then they’re discarded and the numbers required are recalculated for that round.

It’d be annoying to do by hand, but a computer can chug through them fairly simply.

Most people had hit over 90% of voting power by the 5th candidate.

One interesting side effect of this. If it had been a 15 person CSM, rather than 14, Banlish would have got in, rather than Nathan Jameson (who was eliminated last). This is just because more would have trickled down from votes from mynnna and so on, as they’d have needed less to be elected.

I’ve seen some people saying that nullsec is overly represented. Some saying under represented. Both groups are wrong. Of the voting population, there is proper representation. Strategic bloc voting doesn’t give those blocs more power (Except by getting people to vote the full power of their ballot.) Now, I do wish more people had voted, but you can hardly complain about not being represented, when you didn’t vote.

Next year, I’m hoping CCP do more to promote the CSM to players who are hard for us to reach (without spamming the fuck out of them.) And while it’s not ideal, for a world where we have informed voters, I hope they set it up so you can set up links to prefill the ballot for people, without the need for bookmarklets.

Highsec PvP – CSM8 trail

Non-Consensual PvP is part of Eve, and I would not see it gone. While I prefer not to have people do violence unto me, they have the right to try. Just as I have the right to make myself as unappealing as is viable.

If you check my Corp’s war history, you’ll see one war on it (As the time of writing). No deaths on it, but not because I didn’t log on for a week. I was waiting. They didn’t undock. Probably because there was no benefit for them doing so. One guy in a BC isn’t exactly a great incentive, after all. And the war had already paid for itself by then. Next time, the POS stays up and becomes a dickstar, rather than being stolen when it unanchored. Well played. A learning experience.

Ganking is doing fine and well too, it would seem. Plenty of people who don’t follow the simple ‘No more than a Billion or so in a freighter’ guideline. And plenty of people who mine in high risk regions of Highsec, without even the most rudimentary tank. No, a small shield booster is not a tank. If you’ve been ganked, and are offended, the close tab button is up there. HTFU.

Some candidates appear to want to make high-sec less safe. I don’t agree with them there. But I /certainly/ agree it shouldn’t be made any safer.

That’s not to say changes aren’t needed, however.

A war where one side stays docked up, or doesn’t bother logging on, is no fun for anyone.

You can’t /force/ someone to fight. They just wouldn’t bother logging on. What that leaves is making them /want/ to fight. Now that’s harder to do.

Anything that can adjust the cost of a war has the potential to be gamed, leading to a new dec shield. One thought that rattles round my head is having, depending on the size of the corporation, various bandings of kills and losses adjusting either the cost of the next inbound war, or the duration of a ‘safe’ time.

So a 3 man corp losing a billion isk in ships, is then safe for, say, a month (from the end of the last war. Wars are automatically ended. Maybe. This seems gameable. Maybe just a cost boost, for that period of time.)

A corp the size of Eve University has no changes.

So small corps then have a reason to go lose isk in a fight. And maybe even kill the enemy.

Hard caps are, of course, required to stop it from being hideously gamed.

I’d want to see statistics on high-sec wars, to be able to flesh out numbers to something that makes sense. There’s a suggestion I saw on Poetic’s site about bounties and warfare, which looked interesting, but I’m not sure it speaks to the people who would hide away. A benefit, even if they lose, is another matter.

Another thing to do is make it easier to swap into a clone without expensive implants. Maybe just in the station you’re in (with or without a medical station, no standings). No jumping across the cluster. This might be a step too far, however.


  • Fighting is good
  • Ganking isn’t evil
  • Hiding in stations is bad
  • Giving people reasons not to hide might fix it
  • Stuff blowing up is good for my bottom line.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Heckling?