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Once again, Hulkageddon is rapidly approaching. This will be my first, and I have to admit, I’m going to be interested to see the result of it.

While I’m mostly a High-Sec carebear (my forays into PvP are a different story), you’re not going to hear a word of complaint out of me for this. Well except, perhaps, for the complaints about the chafing from rubbing my hands in glee over the ISK I’ll make selling Destroyers and Tornadoes.

I guess I can understand the complaints from people that only mine, those people that mine and pay for their many accounts with Plex. I don’t agree with them, but I do understand them. Just like I can understand the complaints from people who carry hundreds of millions worth in a T1 Industrial which gets ganked. Neither is particularly valid. I’ll refer you to Rule 2.

But it’s not as if they didn’t know it was coming. This is the fifth Hulkageddon and plenty of notice has been given on when it starts. Avoiding it is easy. And if you are Plexing, just hold off on renewing till it’s done. Hours for plex will cover this nicely. You should have some ISK set aside for a rainy day, after all.Especially with the way that mineral prices are shooting up.

The funniest thing is, guess where all the ISK will end up. With the miners and manufacturers. Almost everything in EVE comes from you. Certainly all the ships do.

So, I welcome Hulkageddon. It’s not going to be banned. It’s not going anywhere. Don’t mine while it’s on and you’ll be fine. Or find somewhere out of the way, and watch local. Even better, spin up a PvP alt, and go hunting. You might find you enjoy it.