Reactions Tool

The first thing I want to say is:
Ugg. It’d be nice if CCP actually put all the information for reactions into the SDE.

Anyway, what with the NOTEC thing, and Mynna suggesting that people might want to do some alchemy, I thought I’d look into the numbers myself. And hence, I give you:

It’s a fairly simplistic tool, and it doesn’t do any kind of sorting. But it will give you some quick figures on ‘this might be worth running;. Bear in mind, the simple reactions need 3 silos and a simple reactor. The complex ones need 3 silos and a complex reactor. You’re going to want at least a medium POS. So that’s around 200 million per month, just to break even. can give you an idea of what you need. One simple reactor and 3 silos will take up a chunk of that medium POS.

I was interested to see that, if you are to believe the market could absorb it, you could make more isk just selling the platinum and technetium directly, rather than reacting it into platinum technite.