Personal Disappointment – CSM8

Well, I didn’t get elected. It’s a disappointment, but I have to admit, not an unexpected outcome. I still think it was worth doing however.

This is obviously the fault of my Goonswarm paymasters (That check bounced, you bastards! I’m waiting on my replacement!) who didn’t tell their people to vote for me.

But in the real world, away from the conspiracy theorists, I guess the main things I can point at are: A lack of what people see as relevant experience, and a lack of visibility.

The latter, well, there’s only so much I can do about that. But I’ll work on it.

The former, there’s more I can do about that. So, this year, I’ll be branching out more. I would /love/ it if people could give me suggestions on what they’d like to see me do. I’m expecting to rack up a bunch of kill rights on me, possibly war decs, so I may have to switch the indy stuff off onto alts, rather than my main, but I can live with that.

Almost finally, congratulations to the people who you lot voted onto the CSM. I’m not seeing a single name there that makes me cringe. I know you’ll do a good job, even without me 😉

And Finally: in case what I was saying wasn’t obvious: I’m going to run for CSM9 (barring my brain turning to mush and oozing out my ears, or some other life changing event)