The Problem with the new Launcher – Multiboxing

Well, not strictly multiboxing. Running multiple accounts on the one computer.

To explain:

I have a single system with 3 screens. I run one account on each screen, so I can see all of them at once. (I also have a setting for one account across all the screens) I run these clients in fixed window mode, so I can have them all active at once, with no annoying bar at the top. To do this, I have to, in the graphics settings, set which adaptor each client is to use.

To make this work, I’ve created 2 junction points off the main Eve install, so I don’t have to have 3 totally separate copies of eve running. Eve pays attention to where it’s started from, using a configuration directory that contains that path. So, in junctioning it, when I start the launcher, in each of the ‘copies’, they each start with a different configuration, putting them onto the correct screen. I have the launcher set to not show, when no update is required.

So all I needed to do was:

  • Click on launcher one, wait for it to patch then hit play (unless it didn’t need to patch, in which case I just move on)
  • Click on launcher two.
  • Click on launcher three.

At this point, I have three clients, all with different settings, all patched up, waiting for log in.

Now I need to:

  • Click on launcher one, wait for patching. Log into it. Start the client. If I want to change character (within the same account) I have to log off, then on again. (Though I think I saw something about that being a bug)
  • click on a shortcut I’ve created to bin\exefile.exe in the second junctioned copy.
  • click on a shortcut I’ve created to bin\exefile.exe in the third junctioned copy.

This is because you can only have one launcher open, in a directory (or junctioned copies of it)

As long as the ability to start exefile.exe doesn’t go away, this will continue to work. If it does go away, then I’ll have to start the launcher, log in, start eve, close the launcher, start it again from a different directory (rince, repeat) and do it all over again when I want to change alt on an account. Which is more than a trifle annoying.

If I could keep multiple copies of the launcher open, each logged into a different account, with a different settings directory, that would be /perfect/. I really don’t want to waste diskspace and bandwidth for patches with multiple actual copies of Eve.

For a more detailed explanation of what I’m doing:

And yes, I know it’s not officially supported. But it’s a common thing to be doing. With the power of two promotion, and so on, it seems like CCP want people to have multiple clients at the same time.