Ship EHP Evaluator – The Tool

The idea for an update to my scan evaluator tool came up on twitter and it struck me as interesting. Turned out to be both more and less complicated than I thought it might be, but I’ll go into that in a different post, in case you’re interested in the techy details.

The non-techy details are pretty simple. Take a ship scan, paste it into the tool and bang, you get an estimation of how much EHP the ship has.

Now, because I don’t have a huge database of people’s stats (and if I did, I wouldn’t use it, as I wouldn’t have people’s permission for it. So they’d stop giving me the stats), it’s assuming that they have all relevant skills at 5. And the irrelevant ones, but those aren’t relevant. It’s also not giving them any fleet boosts. And there’s the possibility the ship scan missed a tank module, so you didn’t tell the tool about it.

Aside from those caveats, all the test ships I’ve thrown at this have come out with the figures (+/- 1 hp) that pyfa was telling me (aside from one bug that I’ve reported.)

Of course, No warranty is given for people using this for nefarious purposes such as scanning cargo ships and deciding how many ships to commit to attacking them.

Credit is due to Artefact2, without whom I couldn’t have done this (at least, not in the short period of time it took.)

I have some thoughts about functionality to add, such as alerts about open slots. But that’s a future update. This is the initial release.

No warranty is given for any purpose, If your computer explodes when using the tool, it’s all your fault, you should have been nicer to it.