CSM ‘Manifesto’

The use of the word Manifesto is perhaps a trifle misleading, from how many people think of the word. There will be no promises of action, no ‘If you vote for me, you’ll get this’ statements.

The use is, however, correct. The CSM exists as a lobbying body, and as a feedback loop for CCP. As such, it’s important to understand the views of the people you’re electing to it; to make sure that their views, and your desires align along basic lines. So, here’s a post which I’ll see about updating every so often. in addition, I’d suggest having a read through my CSM posts which can go into more detail.

If you have anything you’d like to get more detail on, tweet me, or comment here and I’ll see about updating the page with an answer, or just answer in the comments if it’s really specific.

There’s no particular order to the following thoughts.

  • Carriers, Supercarriers and Titans should be able to take sub capital ships along with them when they jump, with a tonnage+ numerical limitation depending on what they are. Titan bridging should be removed. Changes the meta when it comes to power projection.
  • High sec industry slots should be replaced with a rental system for player owned slots. Ideally anonymous slots.
  • A read only CREST endpoint with caching for market data should be released
  • Local shouldn’t be an intelligence source. Should cost to maintain something in Sov null. NPC null should be standings based access to the NPC owners source.
  • Small gang warfare should have its place in Sov Nullsec warfare.
  • There should be a bigger downside to NPC corps, though with a difference between the ‘training’ npc corps, and the ones for older characters. With people being pushed from the schools after a while. Corp level negative standings, for example.
  • Corp Roles need serious work. Ideally so you can get really granular on them, but also allowing for grouping. so groups of structures having privileges granted to groups of characters. CREST would be handy for setup here.
  • There are potential ‘rewards‘ which can be given to people for out of game actions. These shouldn’t be in game objects which can be traded. And should be cosmetic. the linked post has some options. I’m leaning to the no benefit ones.
  • It should not be required to use 3rd party software to compete. So any releases with CREST will have to take that into account. Opening the industry interface or market interface completely with CREST would have you pretty much requiring it. Limits would have to be put in place which make it a little less efficient than using the client. Lower update rates. Maximum numbers of updates. That kind of thing.