Why I’m in a personal corp

tl;dr: I’m a suspicious bastard. Gimme a personal POS I can let specific other people use.

I make stuff in Eve. Mostly T2 stuff. I run three accounts to do this. I’d like to be part of a larger corporation, but instead I keep my alts in a separate Corp. This is an attempt to explain why.

It’s because of 2 things.

  1. I’m paranoid
  2. I can’t control who accesses my POS, beyond some very very general roles.

The two are tightly linked, as you might guess. Either I join a Corp where they’re willing to grant me the ability to anchor stuff (and un-anchor other people’s stuff. And have other people un-anchor my stuff) or I keep it all in a single Corp.

I can’t imagine that I’m the only person in EVE that thinks this way.

What would be ideal for me is the ability to launch a POS that I can limit access to, to a very specific list of people. So only those people I authorize can use its resources, un-anchor it and so on (ideally a separate list for each)

I might trust my CEO to manage the corporation’s ISK. I don’t trust them to not take my stuff and kick me out the Corp. Only time I’d trust them that much, is if I know them, and can take it out of their hide in person.