Possible new contract types

This isn’t a CSM post. Though if I do get in, I’d certainly be suggesting them.

There’s been a suggestion in past CSM minutes that they’re going to be looking at the contract system, adding new contract types into it. I’ve had a few thoughts on this, in part spurred on by a discussion with someone over a mineral compression service.

So, exercising my hopefully well-known ego, a few thoughts:

Manufacturing Contract:

A fairly simple one this. The person putting up the contract puts a bunch of materials into the contract, with a requirement for the delivery of specific set of items at the end of it. Modules, rigs, ships, etc.

The person accepting the contract has to put up a collateral. If they fail to deliver at the end, it’s forfeit. This way, both the buyer, and the manufacturer have some sort of guarantee that the other will follow through.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that the person putting it up has to put in enough materials.

Supply Contract:

Almost identical to the one above. In fact, it’s the same, except no materials are added. It’s a WTB Contract, that the supplier can know won’t go away before they deliver (as long as they stay within the time limit).

Reverse Auctions:

These are common in the real world for supply contracts. People will bid against each other, reducing the price they will accept, to get the business. This is more a modifier for the other contracts. It would need a short duration for the contract itself. Works well for courier contracts too. Want to avoid dead heading? How low are you willing to go to get that work?

Mercenary Contracts:

Destroy a specific thing. Do a specific quantity of damage to the opposing corporation. Ideally with some kind of sliding payscale.


Loan Contracts:

Put up collateral, get ISK (from another player). Don’t repay the ISK, lose the collateral.