Suggested Ballot: CSM8 trail

Well, me at or near the top of the ballot sheet would be good.. That’d be good.

As for the rest, well, I like to think that the people who are going to vote for me don’t need to be told which way to vote for anyone else. That they’re the kind of people who have considered their options, using sites like CSM Vote Match 2.0 or the CSM 8 votOmat, then interviews, like the ones on Crossing Zebras or Voices from the Void.

Well, that makes this a very short post. So to make it somewhat larger, I’m going to let you know how I’m planning on voting. It’s not a recommendation, but just something to think about. I’m not voting for a balanced card, because that’s a dumb thing to do, I’m voting for the people I’d be comfortable representing my interests.

  1. Me. Because I’m not stupid
  2. Chitsa Jason
  3. Mangala Solaris
  4. Greene Lee
  5. Roc Wieler
  6. Malcanis
  7. Unforgiven Storm

After that, I’m less sure. Still mulling it over. Mynnna seems to be a decent and sane candidate. But they really don’t need my votes. I seriously doubt they won’t get in before the first elimination.

I’ll probably come back and revise this ballot at some point. Still thinking it over.