T1 Industrials and the value of skills

T1 Industrials are in the process of being rebalanced, and this is leading to significant discussion on the forums.

The root cause of this trouble, other than the Mammoth/Hoarder issue, is that some races have more Industrials than others. So either some skills open up fewer ship roles, or some ships are, still, pretty much useless.

What I’d suggest is that it’s fine to have some skills providing access to fewer ships, as long as those ships are more generally useful, than the ships which are opened up by another skill. That doesn’t mean that the ships are all round better, however.

What I’d suggest is that the Amarr and the Caldari, with 2 ships each, get:

  • one with the highest general cargo bay (40k m3 or so, after expansion)
  • one with a good tank (around 30-40k ehp seems reasonable.) Few lows, lots of mids. The Amarr armour tanking makes this troublesome.

The Minmatar should have:

  • one fairly large one (38k or so)
  • one tanky one (25k or so)
  • one fast aligning/high speed one.

The Gallente, with their annoyingly large range, should no longer have the largest general cargo bay (sorry Itty V) But they should have:

  • A Gas specific one. 50k gas bay
  • An Ore specific one. Maybe minerals too. 50k Ore bay (Itty 5 here?)
  • A Fleet support one. 5K Fleet hangar and refitting.
  • One not quite as large as the big Minmatar one (around 34k)
  • One not quite as tanky one. (20k or so)


That way, there’s a reason to get any of the skills (Amarr and Caldari are duplicates, so you wouldn’t get /both/, but they’re still useful) with best of breed in each. No skill is ‘useless’.