Quick update for the blueprint list

Just a quick update on the blueprint calculator. (Well, It wasn’t that quick to do. But it should be very simple to understand.)

The blueprint list created by the form, https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprints/enterlist.php, will now show an ISK/hr, an ISK/HR for POS manufacturing (basic arrays only.) and isk/hr for POS, with the datacores cost removed, for -4ME -4 PE blueprints.

It’s not perfect; T2 Ships can’t be made in regular ship arrays. This doesn’t pay attention to that. And R.A.M’s are kinda ignored, due to the rounding to less than 1 unit. But it’s indicative enough, and simple to check up on. All skills are assumed to be 3, when determining the cost of the datacores.

Long term, I’m planning on having it being possible to override the skills, but that probably won’t happen till SSO is available, as I don’t want to go to the trouble of writing a full user management system when something should be coming out some time in the next 6 months or so.

The github is mostly up to date, but I need to add in the details for how to manage the infrastructure needed, like a copy of price data in the database, possibly with a data loader, to pull it from my archived copy.