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Summer Summit – Day 2

  • Roadmap review with EP
  • Player acquisition strategies and data
  • Little things session
  • Nullsec general session
  • Customer Support Team
  • Purpose of the Council
  • Individuality vs uniformity

Take a look at the list of topics there. Take a wild guess of which letters you might be seeing in the minutes.

That isn’t the order the meetings happened in, but as they didn’t really affect each other, I’ll just take them in that order. (Yes, I’m lazy.)

Roadmap review

The contents of the review are going to be NDA. We saw the roadmap, for the months ahead, and talked it over with CCP Seagull. It was the development roadmap, rather than a marketing or vision roadmap, so we’re talking about features, marked with a likelihood of them fitting into some releases or not. Didn’t go into much detail on each thing. Mostly talking about the philosophy behind the releases and cadence. Watch for devblogs and keep an eye on

No spoilers for you, I’m afraid. But it was a productive session, with back and forth on things which we felt needed to be discussed. (Not specific features. That’s not what the session was about) Vague, I know. but that’s NDA stuff for you. Sorry.

Player acquisition strategies.

How EVE can sink its hooks into fresh grist for the mill. Yet more NDA stuff. I’m beginning to hate those letters. I understand and appreciate why they’re used in these cases, but it makes for hard typing. We met the team, and talked about New player things. This isn’t about the NPE, it’s about how to get at the players in the first place. (If you have any novel ideas, that aren’t ‘super bowl advert!’ drop us a line. We’ll pass them along)

Little Things:

Whee! This session isn’t NDAed! Downside (as I’m not going to list everything here): Lots and lots of ‘little’ things were brought up with the team. And some were promptly shot down as not actually little things. Picture a weed, which when you pull it up, you just keep reeling in the root, as the tree behind you is dragged beneath the surface. Some things which seem small to the layman, are the beginning of the trip down the rabbit hole. However, some things were added to the list. Remember, the proper place to post them is in Karkur’s thread on the forums. Putting them on Reddit gets them immediately seen, but they drop off fairly quickly, which means they can be lost. Little things tend to be done in between other tasks, when a developer has time, and needs a mental break, or is waiting on someone else.


This was a session that we called for, in addition to the specific Sov ones we had yesterday. Nothing game mechanicy was talked about, but there was some frank discussion with the team. (I don’t want to go into details on this, until the minutes are out (and tbh, after that, it’s not that important)) I did feel it cleared the air between us.

Customer Support Team:

We talked with the GMs ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice people. Saw some nice stats, saw what and how they were planning on doing things, along with how things have changed since we last talked to them. Things like their zendesk implementation, and how they’re sticking articles into it, to help people help themselves, rather than have to wait on a GM (who would just give them the same information.) With any luck, the minutes for this will be pretty detailed. And maybe a graph or two. (Finding out how to apply unallocated skillpoints was popular recently)

Purpose of the Council

This was a long one, over running the alloted time, and eating a bit into the following session (Individuality vs uniformity)

I wrote a chunk for this, but decided I want to make sure that I wasn’t misrepresenting people first (I’ve had a few pints. hence the delay in getting this to you) Once I’ve got that, I’ll probably post as a supplementary post.

Individuality vs uniformity

EVE is a cold dark place. But does that mean that everything has to be grim and gritty. That as the core of this one. We touched on a number of things with the team we talked with. Including great things like the Love Squad guide to character portraits and a brief mention of how, in the grim and gritty world of blade runner, there’s still some very bright color. Now, with the release of the Raata sunset, and the Valklear glory skins that’s made its way in a bit. But we still want to see some more variety. Sugar spoke a lot on this, and was eloquent.


And that’s the end of Day 2. Hopefully the minutes will be out tomorrow.


As per the minutes released today, you should be seeing a bunch of stuff talked about at Vegas, which will clear up a great deal of the NDA from yesterday. A lot of that is just stuff which isn’tย  quite ready to see the light of day. Like things being trialed to make sure they work in a way which is balanced, and won’t melt TQ. Some people see “we’re looking at”, and read “you will get”. That’s to be avoided.

Summer Summit – Day 1

As some of you might well be unsurprised to hear, just from the topic list for today, this is going to be very light on details. Because a great deal of this will fall under the NDA. I’m hopeful that you’ll hear about it all fairly soon, but there’s some potentially contentious stuff in there, and other stuff which just isn’t ready for public consumption.

Anyway, with that said, let’s begin.

The meeting with Hilmar went pretty well, with us focusing mostly on how we see things going, and how we think CCP can communicated better with you, the average player base. There’s been a great deal of focus on things like Gunjack, and Valkyrie in the gaming press, with Eve sometimes seeming like the poor step sister, hidden away in the wings. In part, that’s due to it being ‘old news’, the game that’s been around for 13 years, without any major changes or new features which would be understood by the average person who reads the gaming press. Pandas are easy to understand. A new way to take space, not so much. It’s obvious when you actually talk to the people, that the passion is still there, but it’s not always well communicated.

Also, he fed us Sandwich Cake (Brauรฐterta) which was a somewhat novel experience. tasted pretty good.


Then we moved onto the 3rd party session. Nothing new to report here, other than we asked for a bunch of things, some which will be dependant on the other team developing the feature, and some which Foxfour said he’d look at. I’d like to say a little more, but forgot to check what the NDA coverage was, so what I’ll say is, read the minutes. Hopefully it’ll be in there, if not, sorry folks, that’s NDA for you. (It’s a technical point, rather than a new feature)

Then I fell asleep. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, no, but we moved onto some long, and very very talky sessions about Sov, Cap changes and power projection. Some of it was a bit above my head, some of it seemed counter intuitive, but I guess that’s mostly because I don’t spend a great deal of time in Null, and I don’t move in the upper echelons of power there. Unfortunately, a great deal of that comes under NDA. Some minutes were taken, but I’m expecting another cat picture. (Sorry, no recipes from me this year) Hopefully you’ll hear about it fairly soon, but with some of the changes being talked about, I can understand serious NDA protection. I did like what I heard about Caps and Supercaps (from my admittedly less educated perspective)


And that’s the end of the day. We spent a lot of time talking about Sov. And, I’m glad to say, things remained civil. Which is nice, considering how high tempers could have run.

CSM X Ballot

I really should post here more. But you know how it is, when you don’t have anything in particular to say.


Anyhoo, The election is here, and I thought it would be worth name checking a few people who you should consider having on your ballot. Of course, the first person should be me, Steve Ronuken. I’d be an idiot to say otherwise. But if you decide that you prefer someone else, just stick me somewhere lower down. Every little helps.

I’m not going to be listing positions on the ballot (other than me first ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), because you should vote for people who you think will represent your space and play style best. So someone in Wormholes should probably have Corbexxx second on the list, where as someone in Low should have Sugar Kyle. I’m going to keep the blurbs pretty short, but I do suggest looking them up some more in other media. Shamelessly lifted from Sugar’s blog:

Steve Ronuken

Vote for me, please ๐Ÿ™‚ This term’s been great for getting stuff out to the third-party community, then onto everyone else. And industry is in a healthier (if not perfect) place than it used to be. More to do though. Next term, I’m expecting to see more coming out for CREST, which can be a real game changer.

Sugar Kyle

As has been stated by pretty much every other candidate, Sugar’s been doing a wonderful job on CSM 9. Approachable, diligent, and a hard worker. She’s not one for drama either, which I’m a fan of. While she’s spending her time mostly in lowsec, she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and a good understanding of other spaces.


Not the most prolific writer, but a good communicator, and always going to the wider community for feedback and research.

Bam Stroker

Some people talk about helping the community. Bam’s involved in it. Just look at Eve Down Under. I think he’s going to be useful. Sure, he’s in PL, but you can’t have everything.

Jayne Fillon

NPSI is important. Jayne’s been a good representative for it. He’s a touch abrasive, but a chunk of that comes from not suffering fools gladly. NPSI leads to better player retention, as it draws people into wider social groups, and more activities.


Another candidate with good lowsec (FW in this case) experience. And has just branched into wormholes ๐Ÿ™‚ Which is handy, for an alternate viewpoint. And Lore!

Psianh Auvyander

Psianh’s a mercenary. And a trainer of mercenaries. I think that brings a useful perspective.

Cagali Cagali

BNI Education, Recruiting and HR. Newbies are important. Cagaliยฒ has to work with them on a regular basis. And a degree of nullsec experience is handy, from the non-incumbent perspective.



I have this terrible feeling I’m missing someone. Anyway, go vote (when it opens). You don’t need to fill in all the positions, but do at least 5.

CREST market data

This has been out for a while, but I’ve now got something public ( ) out there, I thought I’d write some words.

Of all the things which have happened in my CSM term, the availability of ‘live’ market data is one of the ones I’m happiest about. It might not seem like a big step, but we now have access to data directly from Tranquility, in a way that has a very low cache time. (I’m expecting some future ones to be even smaller, but that’s more specific data) It’s been a long time coming, and is a step towards removing the ‘requirement’ for the grey area of cache scraping. (Along with the dgmExpressions table being added to the SDE). Grey areas are bad, because they lead people to push the boundaries, and I don’t want to see someone banned for that.

But enough electioneering (Vote for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), I thought I’d write a little about what it’s doing. I had help in the form of Capt Out’s Crest Explorer which gave me a head start, rather than needing to implement the core ‘Log into the SSO’ bit. After that, it’s just a matter of:

  • Grab the region list. (filtering out the Wormholes)
  • Grab the base market groups.
  • Wait for the user to click something
    • If it’s a market group, grab that specific group, and loop through it for direct children
    • If it’s an item, if a region is selected, grab buy and sell orders, before cramming them into tables
    • If it’s a region, grab the region data for where to get buy and sell order data

That’s pretty much it. There are some twiddly bits (like languages) but the rest of it is just AJAX calls, and looping through the result sets for display. I’d hope the code is fairly simple to understand (if you know any javascript/jquery) but if you have any questions, feel free to throw them my way. for the source. MIT licensed.

Why medical clone costs needed to go.

The short version:

It was a mechanic which discouraged people from actually flying ships. That is, discouraged them from playing the game.

The longer version:

While clone costs aren’t really high, until you start getting into the really high levels of SP, they form a mental block for people. ‘You’re flying a Rifter. Your Pod costs more than the ship’. You don’t get any benefit from upgrading your clone. You just don’t get smacked with a penalty.

It’s a tax on PvP, which gets worse the longer you play. The better you get, the more you lose when you die. Sure, you’ll find PvPers who say that they rarely lose their pod. You’ll find that these people spend the vast majority of their time in, probably, Lowsec. While it’s possible to lose a pod there, you have to be pretty bad to do so. Wormholes and null, however, are the land of bubbles. Pity the poor Sabre pilot, who is almost certain to lose his Pod, as he’s probably going to be inside his own bubble when he dies.

If there was actually a meaningful choice with Clone upgrades, that would be another matter. But there isn’t. You either upgrade your clone, or you’re an idiot (disclaimer: I miss Minmatar Battleship 5)

So, CCP removing medical clone levels is a good thing. They’ve stated that they’re not finished there, that the removal is a quality of life change, which opens up more possibilities for future changes. Sure, they could have waited. Some people have said they should have. I disagree. Removing a gangrenous limb, without having a prosthetic available, isn’t a mistake. Remove it now. Put something better in, when it’s ready.

Is it making Eve easier? A little. But if you’re really complaining about someone not needing to remember something before undocking, well, there’s nothing I can say which you’re going to listen to. Hardness, here, is nothing to do with skill. It’s just annoying crap.

Being Podded still has consequences. Death still matters. Someone with a full snake set isn’t going to brush off a death. But they got to make a choice there. They chose to risk the implants, and got a reward for it. Clone grade doesn’t really enter into the risk/reward there. You can choose to risk a skill. Your reward is, you pay a little less. Not really meaningful against the penalty of losing a great deal of skill points.


Oh, and yes, you’ll no longer be able to get someone to pod themselves down to no skills. My tear bucket is over there. Go fill it.

Eve Vegas

I know I’ve been light on posting. Sorry about that, I’ve just not had much to talk about that I can talk about publicly. At least, not that hasn’t been covered in detail by other people. Sugar Kyle has been great at this. Lots of writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

However, I’ve been poked by people that think I should be communicating more (Thanks Sugar) so I’m trying to pick my writing up again.

By now, you’ve probably read a bunch about Eve Vegas, and the shenanigans people got up to there. I enjoyed myself greatly there, and spent a fair quantity of time talking with people, getting a general feeling for how things are going down. With Phoebe, the general feel I got was resignation that, while the jump changes might impact on gameplay they liked, it was for the good of the game in general. While not the most upbeat feel, sometimes you just have to rip the plaster off.

For those that watched the stream, yes, they called my name for a prize. Unfortunately, I was in the roundtable room, where I thought I would be more useful (I caught the presentations later) so I didn’t hear. Oh well, didn’t want those headphones anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

From a 3rd party dev standpoint, Foxfour’s presentation and roundtable didn’t really reveal particularly much. However, it did point to a renewed appetite within CCP for getting us the tools which we need, to be able to do stuff. While we don’t yet have a timescale for getting authenticated CREST on TQ, he announced that we should be getting it on SiSi in the nearish future, first as part of a trial much like the SSO trial, and then moving onto an automated version. And SSO on TQ, for most people, should be out very soon indeed. Just waiting on a few crossed i’s and dotted t’s.

Capt Out’s CREST presentation is worth a watch. you can find it on Youtube. It’s not a recording of the one from Eve Vegas, instead being a redone one, with better production values. The roundtable room wasn’t good for recordings.

One of the big things I came away with, from talking with people, was a reinforced understanding that Discoverability is one of Eve’s key weaknesses. From ‘how do I find a community to be part of’ to ‘How do I change my own market orders, without going via the order screen’. So many options, with google often being the easiest way to find an answer. The NPE talk from Rise did touch on this, but it’s a little more endemic than that. It’s something that CCP will need to focus on, over time. For both New players, and Veterans.


Oh, and I’m running for CSM X. And I’m calling it that for a host of good reasons, not just because it let me update the ‘Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM 9’ tshirt that I have, with a sharpie. It’s an early announcement, but I’m hoping that people read the minutes which should be out shortly, and think I’m doing what they voted for.





Zoom zoom ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally, a CSM post

I kept meaning to write something, but there was always something new coming up. Or I was recovering from the night before.

Well, here it is. Thank you, to everyone that voted for me, and showed some faith in the system. I’ll try not to let you down. From the chat’s I’ve had with the other CSM members, I think we’ll do pretty well this year. They’re an engaging bunch, and opinionated. Which is always good.

You may have seen that we’ve decided not to elect any of the positions. This isn’t an attempt to get out of doing any work, or to stop Ali from getting the Chairman position. In part, it’s due to CCP saying that positions wouldn’t be elected until the summer summit, and also from the fact that we think we won’t actually need them.

The newcomers amongst us will still listen to the people who have been around before, and we’ll just designate people to do tasks as needed. The net effect is the same, with no e-peen waving required. Lets us get down to business.

Anyway, I’ve not yet had any serious conversations with CCP, and only just signed my NDA. The transition’s going fairly smoothly.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be blogging, mostly because the stuff I’m going to be most interested in will be behind NDA, or released on the forums shortly there after. But I’ll try to keep up.

In other news, I’ve added a CSM section to, and you can find it in the navbar. Right now, it’s kind of sparse, because I had to add categorization for posts, and that requires reprocessing. Mostly I chose to do it with Mynnna’s as it had the fewest posts overall, so I could just dump them all, rather than everything past a certain date. I’ll get to the other people’s soon enough.